One PacificCoast Bank

During the acquisition by OneCalifornia Bank of Shorebank Pacific, SVT Group provided advisory services on the merger of missions, and assisted the newly formed OnePacific Coast Bank to design a next generation impact management system. The system will inform the bank not only of the industries in which it is lending and basic demographic information about borrowers, but also reveal what impact on key environmental and economic justice priorities the bank’s lending is having.



Nemours Health Promotion Services

This project tackled how to measure the value of prevention: in this case, childhood obesity prevention. With Social Enterprise Associates, this 3-part, 3-year project involved: 1. design of an SROI Calculator tool to help staff consider the potential alignment of projects with strategy and impact goals; 2. analysis of the actual social value generated per dollar invested by NHPS in its childcare policy advocacy work; and 3. “SROI 360” prototype of system NHPS and community partners can use to gauge shared progress toward childhood obesity prevention goals.



CalPERS Environmental Investment Advisor

This landmark project measured the actual net environmental benefits of a private equity fund, and later fund of funds, which when combined with the co-investments in the same portfolio of companies cumulatively total $9 billion in assets. With CalPERS Environmental Investment Advisor Byran Martel, SVT codesigned and implemented the pilot version of the environmental due diligence and performance reporting system used in CalPERS’ $600 million Environmental Technology Investment Initiative.




Spryance provided technology-based business process outsourcing for the healthcare information management market. SVT’s Social Returns AnalysisTM helped Spryance’s management team evaluate the company’s home-based workforce model for effects on the lives of its employees and the social structure in which they work, as well as the model’s environmental impacts.  The analysis helped the founder convey to the executive team the strategic relevance of these impacts to Spryance’s success as a company, and showed how to maintain information about ongoing impacts so as to enhance the company’s competitiveness and value to stakeholders.



The Provenex Fund

Provenex was the Rockefeller Foundation’s original PRI fund, a $17MM fund established to invest debt, equity and other instruments in early stage for-profit firms that could advance the foundation’s four mission themes: Food Security, Working Communities, Health Equity, and Creativity and Culture. The project team cataloged a dozen performance management and impact assessment methods used by socially-motivated funds from which we assembled a toolkit of impact assessment techniques that deliver maximum value and credibility at lowest cost.



Mobius Technologies

Mobius Technologies of Grass Valley, California, has a proprietary recycling technology for polyurethane foam scrap.  SVT’s Social Returns AnalysisTM helped Mobius demonstrate to potential investors, customers and strategic partners the environmental, health and cash value of installing Mobius equipment.  The analysis was customized for Mobius in collaboration with the company’s executive and chief technologist. We specified the opportunity for Mobius and its strategic partners to capture over a hundred thousand dollars by trading its environmental benefits on the emissions credit trading markets in the US, EU and developing countries, which previously Mobius and its investors had overlooked.



New Progressive Coalition

The New Progressive Coalition was a membership-based company working together to join political organizations and their funders or investors. NPC engaged SVT Group to help develop a tool that will allow the investors to assess organizations and find matches from their 100+ member groups based on social return on investment (SROI) performance. The resulting Political Return on Investment (PROI) tool assisted the organization to drive $85,000 to its members in the space of a few weeks in a precursor to a crowdfunding model.



Calvert Foundation

The Calvert Foundation is an independent, US-based 501(c) 3 non-profit dedicated to building homes, creating jobs and transforming lives internationally. The Foundation knew its current and potential investors would value a more in depth and high quality social performance measurement, and that this would enhance its ability to meet its mission. Calvert engaged SVT to help develop the second generation of the existing tool clients could use to see and compare the social outcomes generated by the 200+ organizations that were in their investment portfolio. SVT conducted research with Calverts investors and financial advisors to ascertain their respective interest levels in deeper information about SROI resulting in the surprising insight that investors were significantly more interested in this information than their advisors recognized.



Ciudad Saludable

Ciudad Saludable (“Healthy City”) creates community-based waste management systems in Peruvian slums, where the government has not provided waste collection services, in collaboration with microentrepreneurs who become the waste management service providers. SVT group provided Ciudad Saludable with a thorough SROI analysis and process template focused on their community-based waste systems. This analysis was valuable to Ciudad Saludable for quality assurance as it looked forward to managing its 35-city footprint and growing internationally.



Grupo Ecologico Sierra Gorda

Grupo Ecologico Sierra Gorda works to reduce deforestation and reforest lands previously converted to agricultural and livestock uses in the ecologically rich and sensitive Sierra Gorda region of central Mexico. SVT was engaged to measure the social return on investment (SROI) of the project thereby quantifying non-economic measures of impact of the carbon sequestering efforts, enabling Grupo Ecologico Sierra Gorda to price carbon credits appropriately.



Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs

Schwab’s Social Entrepreneurs expressed the need for assistance in measuring and communicating their social value created and of the hope that this could make capital formation easier.  Schwab hired SVT Group to develop systematic analyses of the value created by the social entrepreneur’s enterprises, in particular using the SROI analysis methodology.