Our Impact


SVT is an S-corp with a fee-for-service revenue model. We are also a certified B Corporation, a member of Green America, and a registered San Francisco Green Business.


We help increase the demand for and lower the cost of information about impact. Our two key performance objectives are:

  • Build the capacity of impact-oriented companies, investors, and nonprofits measure, manage, and mobilize their social and environmental impact
  • Raise awareness of the fact that all organizations have impact, and that it can be managed, should be managed, and is valuable to manage


To tell how well we’re getting there, we use our Manage to Impact™ process on ourselves, and reach out to all clients to learn what works and what we can improve. We also have an internal 360 degree performance review system, and strive to minimize and zero out our carbon footprint.


If you would like to learn more about SVT Group’s impact as a company, please read SVT Group’s Impact and Social Return on Investment. We welcome your inquiries and suggestions! Please contact us.




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