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Current project:

SVT Group is partnering with ImpactSpace to build out the impact information side of ImpactSpace, which bills itself “the Crunchbase for impact.” The largest transaction database for the impact universe, ImpactSpace seeks to aggregate information about the social and environmental goals and performance of entities – information that has never been aggregated at scale before.

“SVT Group has spent over a dozen years serving this space, and understands intimately how companies and investors both have impact, and how they are accounting for it. We are excited to bring their capabilities to bear for the benefit of the investors, enterprises and decision makers who look to ImpactSpace to stay current on impact investment trends and opportunities” said ImpactSpace co-founder, Ravi Kurani.

“The ability to direct dollars where they will have a specific kind of impact requires big-picture information. By organizing geographic and industry information about social and environmental issues and how entities and transactions relate to it, ImpactSpace will shed light on risks and opportunities that until now have been too costly for most individual players to see at all, let alone to see trends over time. We are very excited about the potential to help the markets connect the dots between positive impact and financial strength,” said Sara Olsen, SVT’s founder & CEO.

The two organizations have been developing their plans since spring of 2014, and seek to collaborate with parties across the corporate, investment and nonprofit landscape to populate the data. They will also seek funding to support the build-out of the new data layer.

ImpactSpace is the open data and resources platform powering the global impact market. Our mission is to accelerate impact investing by making information about the impact market available to everyone and maintainable by anyone.  Here you can learn everything about impact investing and track the companies, investors, deals, and people maximizing social, environmental, and financial returns.

Founded in 2001, SVT Group is the category-defining impact accounting firm, providing advisory services, R&D and education for values-driven organizations. SVT specializes in measurement and management of social and environmental impact, and in quantifying the risk and business value driven by that impact. Our mission is to make impact management standard procedure worldwide.


Past SVT Lab projects

2010 – 2011:

  • The question: How many people are implementing SROI analysis in the United States? How and where do they use it? What benefits do they find? The result: USA SROI Network with REDF, and in 2010, Social Evaluator.

2009 – 2010:

  • The question: where can my philanthropy do the most good during the recession? Which nonprofits are hardest hit, and where are needs greatest? Result: the Nonprofit Mapping Project with Marc Smolowitz.

NPM screenshot



  • Question: Who in the world is using what methods of impact assessment, where? Result: Impact Approaches Map- a google mashup based on the “catalog of impact assessment approaches” map SVT with the Rockefeller Foundation.

View Impact Measurement Approaches in a larger map

2007 – 2008:

  • Question: what percentage of corporate revenues are from the sale of neutral or positive impact products and services? Result: HIP Investing articles in Fast Company with R. Paul Herman using HIP Scorecard. For more information visit HIP Investor.

HIP Scorecard


2006 – 2007:

  • The question: who is investing in early-stage for-profit deals that have social or environmental impact? Result: with Kevin Jones, Gary Bolles, David Allen Boyd, Mark Beam and Tim Freundlich.



  • The question: what technologies have the potential to deliver maximum social ROI in the developing world? Result: the Social and Environmental Technologies (SET) Inventors Challenge and Catalog.

SET Catalog cover