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Example Projects:


2010 – 2011:

  • The question: How many people are implementing SROI analysis in the United States? How and where do they use it? What benefits do they find? The result: USA SROI Network with REDF, and in 2010, Social Evaluator


2009 – 2010:

  • The question: where can my philanthropy do the most good during the recession? Which nonprofits are hardest hit, and where are needs greatest? Result: the Nonprofit Mapping Project with Marc Smolowitz


2007 – 2008:

  • Question: what percentage of corporate revenues are from the sale of neutral or positive impact products and services? Result: HIP Investing articles in Fast Company with R. Paul Herman using HIP Scorecard. For more information visit HIP Investor.



  • Question: Who in the world is using what methods of impact assessment, where? Result: Impact Approaches Map- a google mashup based on the “catalog of impact assessment approaches” map SVT did with Rockefeller Foundation



View Impact Measurement Approaches in a larger map


2006 – 2007:

  • The question: who is investing in early-stage for-profit deals that have social or environmental impact? Result: with Kevin Jones, Gary Bolles, David Allen Boyd, Mark Beam and Tim Freundlich











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