SVT Ventures incubates seed-and early-stage ventures by providing ongoing impact services in exchange for company equity or equity-like participation.

SVT works with a select group of seed-and early-stage ventures that exemplify the way information about social and environmental impact is valuable both as a strategic business asset and in order to ensure there is authentic value to stakeholders. Some of the most exciting and innovative of these are listed below.


For profit:

  • Golden Mean Capital (sustainable agriculture, Africa, venture capital fund)
  • New Avenue Homes (affordable housing, green building, startup for-profit)
  • EOS Climate (greenhouse gas sequestration, technology, startup for-profit)
  • Polecat (corporate social responsibility, social media, startup for-profit/nonprofit hybrid)
  • Quantum Intech (health, technology, startup for-profit)
  • (healthcare, IT, startup for-profit)
  • Mobius Technologies (recycling, technology, startup for-profit)



  • Theater of War (behavioral health, arts, nonprofit)
  • SocialMarkets (SROI analysis, crowdfunding, nonprofit)
  • Grupo Ecologico Sierra Gorda (environmental education, sustainable business)
  • Ciudad Saludable (integrated waste management, nonprofit)
  • Aflatoun: Child Savings International (financial literacy, nonprofit)
  • Resources for Indispensible Teachers and Educators (RISE) (education, nonprofit)