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Whether you are just beginning to get your arms around your approach to managing impact, you are refining your impact management system, or you’re fundamentally overhauling the way you do business toward an operating model that makes you fall in love again with your business because you’re generating value for both your shareholders, people, and the planet, we can help.

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Our Approach

We begin with Discovery.  

What are the biggest problems facing your organization? What is your intended impact? What systemic factors contribute to the issues you are facing? What scope of analysis does it makes sense to start with? Who are the key audiences for impact information, and what kinds of decisions will the results inform? Here we discover what it is you need to know and what that will help you accomplish.

Next comes Measurement.

If you are measuring the wrong thing, you cannot succeed. Using our impact management toolkit, we determine the material, practical indicators you should use, and design the best approach to obtain the information you need.


Here, we teach you to how use your impact data regularly to improve your performance and drive value back into your organization. We have learned from and with the very best. Let us learn with you, and help us teach others how to change the world.

Finally, Messaging is key.

We help you communicate your values to key stakeholders in ways that build the root stock of value creation: relationships.

This generates both bottom-line value for your business, and ever-greater positive impact.

Our Work

SVT - Advisory. Industry standards, Best practices, Expert Coaching. Impact Management

SVT Advisory

Impact Management consulting for values-driven investors, businesses, and nonprofits driving social and environmental change

SVT - Theory of Change, Scenario planning, Microfinance. Impact Management

SVT Academy

Impact management and analysis education for students, executives, 
impact investors and social entrepreneurs, with a special emphasis on emerging markets entrepreneurs

SVT - Roadmap, Impact Measurement, Impact Management


Field-building applied research and development of cutting edge tools, technologies and platforms to drive the spread and adoption of impact management procedures worldwide

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Impact Management Roadmap

During this 90-minute consultation, we'll help your team identify the low-hanging fruit that will enhance and optimize your impact, informing your work with the latest industry standards, tips, and best practices.

Quickstart Do-it-Yourself Metrics with Expert Coaching

Our 3 day workshop and accompanying coaching sessions will strengthen the foundation of your impact by helping your team to articulate a Theory of Change, teaching you how to effectively measure your impact, and getting you set up with the right tools to support your reporting needs.

Get Further

We offer a range of comprehensive tailored impact management services, including but not limited to:

  • Impact strategy development

  • Capacity building workshops

  • Scenario planning

  • Impact audits

  • Unit-cost analysis

  • Breakthrough Projects

  • Impact assessment

  • Impact reports

  • Theory of Change development

  • Impact management coaching

  • Impact metrics selection

  • Rapid Improvement Events

  • Daily Management System


For an extended list of custom services, check out our pitch deck.

Bring Us In-house: Your Outsourced Chief Impact Officer

We'll join your team and provide ongoing impact management, reporting, and strategy services at ¼ - ½ FTE per year.


And Ultimately, Fall In Love With Your Business Again.

We’re Not Kidding.

Our Clients

Our clients share a recognition that business is key to solving society’s big problems. We’ve served corporations, foundations, institutional investors, private equity firms, individual investors, banks, governmental entities, nonprofits, social enterprises and startups. Big and small, established and emergent, we’ve worked with those striving to be the best.

SVT - The Rockefeller Foundation, AVPN, SalesForce, Cisco, Impact Management

Words from Our Clients

“We were really impressed by how SVT brought clarity to what we were trying to do…. We liked SVT because of the clarity of work and we understood that SVT is respected in the field...We’ve definitely used a number of the tools SVT produced and have managed to attract a lot of national attention with a publication and conference presentations that resulted from the work."

Allison Gertel-Rosenberg, Director, National Prevention and Practice, Nemours

“There was a real return in working with them. I would tell everyone about them and have, and I would work with them again, and have, which I think is the biggest complement.”

Kristen Falk, former CEO, New Progressive Coalition

“SVT is clearly the leader in SROI analysis…. The approach SVT took was incredibly practical… We were trying out a bunch of different folks in this area of social impact metrics and Sara came out as the best.”

Eric Carlson, Co-creator, Global Social Benefit Incubator

Our DIY program consists of eight facilitated sessions that guide participants through impact discovery, measurement, and management practices via a peer-learning model.

Do-it-Yourself Impact Metrics with Coaching Program


We offer introductory and intensive workshops for students, entrepreneurs, investors, and other professionals on:

  • The essential principles of impact assessment

  • How to select meaningful impact metrics

  • Dashboard and reporting templates

  • Impact reporting standards and sector-specific indicators

  • Leading impact data management tools

  • Skilled impact analysis

  • Social Return on Investment

  • Custom topics

For a list of our upcoming workshops click here.


With topics ranging from skilled impact analysis for funders and board members to impact management for executives and managers, SVT webinars are designed to address the issues most important to our clients.


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Our CEO and founder, Sara Olsen, develops and teaches hands-on courses on social and environmental impact assessment, management, and reporting at leading international institutions of higher education.

Lectures & Speaking Engagements

We love sharing our passion, ideas, and experiences with others. Let us share them with you and a room full of your favorite people.