SVT Group envisions a world in which it pays to do good

Speak the language your biggest funders speak.

When pursuing grants or impact investment over $1,000,000, funders need objective evidence of impact and systems in place to manage it. SVT helps prepare you to partner for the big time with reporting that includes quantitative results and the option of valuing your outcomes in dollar terms.

Build institutional capacity for impact.

All too often turnover causes impact tracking to break down.  With SVT’s outcomes and impact reporting solutions, the impact tracking groundwork you put in holds its value even as key staff move up or on.  The benefits being seamless control, consistent metrics and better value.

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Measure the right things.

The field of impact investing is evolving rapidly, and with it expectations around how you will report your impact. SVT keeps up with it for you and alerts you when a change in the industry means it’s time to revise your metrics, reporting or strategy.


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Reduce risk.

Your internal and external audiences may care about different aspects of your impact story, and have different standards. SVT ensures your reporting hits the mark and drives engagement. 


Build capacity to improve impact.

All too often turnover causes impact tracking to break down. With SVT’s outcomes tracking and reporting solutions, and our training and coaching support, the groundwork you establish holds its value even as key staff move up or on.




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Do-it-yourself Metrics with SVT’s expert coaching


3 day workshop plus 4 hours of coaching over 1 month, this gets you on board with the right outcomes reporting tool for your organization.


Components build upon each other:


Research to establish the evidence base and/or benchmark industry practice

Strategy and Theory of Change development 

Customized Impact metrics design and alignment with relevant industry standards

Data collection: secondary research, field research, and/or data collection via big data sources

Reporting and analytics


We are your outsourced “Chief Impact Officer”

Analogous to a financial advisory firm, we help you understand, manage and grow your social and environmental impact.



Benefit corp annual reports

PRI signatory reports

Board reports

CSR reports



Impact management 101

Skilled reading of social impact reports

SROI analysis

Valuation of impact

Custom topics

Board and staff retreat facilitation

Hands-on guidance




Definition of your intended impact

Building the evidence base for your strategy

Theory of Change development

Development of the business case for social investment

Review of relevant industry standard metrics

Selection of the right metrics

Data collection and management plans



Field testing and refinement of selected metrics

Impact reporting software selection and onboarding

Staff training and coaching

Report development

Practice investigation and benchmarking

Targeted research




Data capture and analysis

Production of required and customized reporting

Periodic review of evidence base


Get started fast


Define and refine your strategy. Build consensus. Back up your theory of change with evidence.  With SVT’s reporting solutions, access world-class support and training. Add, delete or suspend users with the click of a button.



No matter how big or small the community you’re serving, you get the same level of customer service excellence.  It’s why investors, governments, corporations and foundations trust us to get up and running quickly.


Impact investors and funders will love it too.

When a lot of money is at stake, those responsible for it need to know it will be well spent.


Stay on mission and maintain quality as you grow.

Having clear metrics lets you set goals, track progress and learn. Funders know managing with metrics is the hallmark of competent management.

Defend against budget cutbacks with evidence of your value.

When funding levels are cut, having impact management in place prepares you to show you’re in the best place for the next dollar.


Get rewarded for the good you do.

Whether you want to engage Millennials, community residents, or another demographic, people will get behind you if they know you’re doing well by doing good.

Prepare for investment.

When you’re seeking funds to scale up, anecdotal evidence puts you at a disadvantage. Impact management systems help you show you’re ready to scale.


Let us bring our experience to help you achieve your mission.


Get the service you deserve from our specialists in public health, sustainable development, carbon, water, impact investing and social entrepreneurship.


Many organizations realize they need to do impact reporting but simply do not have the bandwidth to do it well. SVT is a cost effective way to leverage your in-house expertise. Even if your organization has staff devoted exclusively to impact assessment, the field is changing so rapidly and there’s so much information it’s impossible for one person to stay up on everything. Let our team stay on top of reporting developments in your field that might mean it’s time to update your metrics, reporting or strategy.


IRIS: IRIS leaves it to you to decide which of their hundreds of metrics are right for you. In some cases, your organization may be an exact match for a set of metrics shown in IRIS that another fund already customized for itself, and you can just cut and paste, but more often your particular context and strategy require you to think through what makes sense for yourself. SVT walks you through that process to arrive at the right metrics for you, resulting in IRIS compliance that’s meaningful. IRIS also doesn’t help you collect the information; SVT has personnel and tools that can help you get the information and manage it.

B Corp/B Impact Assessment: Doing the B Corp assessment of your social responsibility is good basic hygiene for any business- we believe in it so much that SVT is a B Corp!- but the B Corp assessment doesn’t help you differentiate your unique value proposition, and for the most part it stops short of measuring your outcomes and impact. B Corp also doesn’t enable you to value your impact. Working with SVT to establish your impact management framework is a good complement to B Corp. B Corp also doesn’t help you measure anything, it relies on you to have measured what you need. SVT has personnel who can conduct desk and field research, implement surveys, and perform other tasks necessary to measure outcomes and impact.

Other Industry Specific Metrics: Often there may be specific indicators or reporting protocols of relevance to your work- if so we help you identify these and make them a useful part of your impact management system. SVT isn’t a proscribed set of metrics, we’re a service provider here to help you obtain and use the right information about your impact. You are the expert in what you do, and we will work with you to design, execute and maintain the right approach in the most cost effective way.



From path-breaking impact investors to institutional investors and established social enterprises, SVT has unparalleled insight into the impact management industry.

“There was a real return in working with them. I would tell everyone about them and have, and I would work with them again, and have, which I think is the biggest complement. .”

Kristen Falk, former CEO, New Progressive Coalition


SVT is clearly the leader in SROI analysis…. The approach SVT took was incredibly practical… We were trying out a bunch of different folks in this area of social impact metrics and Sara came out as the best.”

-Eric Carlson, cocreator, Global Social Benefit Incubator

“We were really impressed by how SVT brought clarity to what we were trying to do…. We liked SVT because of the clarity of work and we understood that SVT is respected in the field.”

“We’ve definitely used a number of the tools SVT produced and have managed to attract a lot of national attention with a publication and conference presentations” that resulted from the work.

“We were very satisfied with the work being done–both the product and the process of the work.  The return is going to come later but we feel good about the time and money we invested”

 – Alison Gertel-Rosenberg, Nemours