SVT Group is an impact accounting firm providing advisory services, education, and R&D for value driven organizations.


What are impacts? 

‘Impacts” are the important extra-financial changes for stakeholders that result from an organization’s activities, such as improvements (or declines) in human health, security, avoided costs, environmental wellbeing or job creation. Impacts are driven by the sourcing, activities, products and byproducts of the organization, and are changes that would not have happened in the absence of the organization’s activities.


What is an impact accounting firm?

Impact accounting firms enable clients to understand what social and environmental impacts they are having, how to increase the impact per dollar, and how to communicate impact for strategic advantage. Like financial accounting firms, impact accounting firms measure impact and value creation, design and implement management systems to track that impact, verify impact, quantify risks associated with impact, audit the integrity of reports, and provide strategic advice.


Our Mission:

Make impact management a standard procedure worldwide. We believe that when people have the skills, tools and information to consider social and environmental as well as financial return, they will compete to ensure an equitable future for everyone.


SVT has four areas of activity:

  • SVT Advisory: helps values driven organizations raise capital, gain competitive advantage, and succeed in driving real social and environmental change.
  • SVT Lab: helps create cutting edge tools, technologies, and platforms to drive adoption and development of impact procedures worldwide.
  • SVT Academy: provides impact education to investors, executives, and entrepreneurs.
  • SVT Ventures: incubates seed-and early-stage ventures that are making a particular contribution to the development of the impact accounting ecosystem by providing impact accounting services in exchange for company equity.

We are a proud B Corporation, and a California Benefit Corporation.