Sara Olsen  (Founder, CEO)

Sara started SVT Group in 2001 with the vision of catalyzing the adoption of accounting for social value as a standard business practice. She is also the co-founder of the Global Social Venture Competition, author with SocialEdge, and a globally recognized public speaker. With SVT she has designed systems that today reveal the impact of over $2.5Bn in over 23 countries. These systems recognize the cross cutting relationships between impact and financial performance in industries including clean technology, housing, public health, the arts, agriculture, social media, and finance.

Sara attended Dartmouth College and received an MBA and MASW degrees from UC Berkeley and the University of Chicago. She considers her most valuable education, however, to come from teaching public high school in Mississippi and helping start a social enterprise at Shorebank Corporation in inner-city Chicago.



Wendy Dougherty (Senior Consultant)

Wendy has over fifteen years of experience implementing international development programs at the World Bank and for USAID in twenty countries across four continents. Wendy is a KPMG alumnae and has experience monitoring multi-million dollar grants and providing strategic advice on grantmaking effectiveness for international funders, private and corporate foundations, and public charities such as the The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Chevron Global Fund, Hewlett-Packard Company, Mattel Children’s Foundation, F. Hoffman – La Roche, Ltd., and The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. Wendy’s sector knowledge includes global health, education systems, gender equity, entrepreneurship, and micro enterprise. She is fluent in Spanish.

Wendy received her Master of Pacific International Affairs from UCSD’s School of International Relations and Pacific Studies. She received her B.A. from Duke University. She currently serves as Board Chair of School-to-School International, a nonprofit organization that supports quality education and school health in Africa.



Shubha Kumar (Consultant)

Shubha possesses deep expertise in strategic planning and evaluation in the social impact industry.  Formerly the Chief Operating Officer of an international humanitarian NGO, she is a consultant to various domestic and international non-profit, philanthropic, and government agencies, corporate social responsibility departments and private service providers, in the primary areas of: strategic planning, monitoring & evaluation of programs, capacity building and training, healthcare management, and systems development.  She is also the first American PhD (and one of the first worldwide!) in Social Return on Investment (SROI) Analysis and has pioneered this approach within the  global health and development industry, developed a curriculum on SROI delivered in over 11 African countries, created an online training on SROI (, and given multiple talks worldwide on this subject.  Shubha has also designed and co-taught several graduate-level courses in the areas of healthcare management and business development at UCLA, where she also worked as a research associate in various departments for 5 years.

Shubha received her PhD in Healthcare Management & Policy, Master’s in Public Health (MPH), and Bachelors in Biology from the University of California Los Angeles.  She is fluent in English, Hindi, and Spanish (and speaks some French).



Priya Patil (Senior Consultant)

Priya is an accomplished social scientist and development professional with deep experience in impact measurement, philanthropy, and social action. She brings 12 years of experience leading social investment and impact efforts in emerging economies for USAID, World Bank, UNFPA, and the Nike Foundation.

Priya received her PhD and masters degrees from Johns Hopkins University, and a bachelors degree from the University of Chicago. Priya also sits on the advisory board for Tipping Point Community, a venture fund focused on poverty alleviation in the San Francisco area.



Erin Rogalski (Consultant)

Erin brings expertise in both investor relationships and impact quantification to SVT’s work. Hailing from a corporate finance background, Erin has spent a majority of her career in banking and mergers and acquisitions. She applies those skills to challenges in the identification and measurement of various types of impact, and to the communication of the benefits of such impact to prospective capital sources.

Erin holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and spent one year as a post-graduate global fellow at The Indian School of Business. Erin received her BS in Management/Finance from Case Western Reserve University.



Camille Dubois and Hugo Aruajo (Co-Leads, Latin America)

Hugo brings a background in impact management and global product supply chain management to SVT. For Kimberly Clark he managed marketing for a line of baby products made with shea butter that were produced in the US for sale in México. He understands the buy-side perspective of the shea value chain. Hugo also has significant experience conducting field research and developing a benchmark of best practices for Fairlink. Hugo also collaborated with Ashoka Full Economic Citizenship Program, and Walmart, on this type of research and analysis. He has coordinated and conducted field research across 10 Latin American countries. He is also trained in Social Return on Investment analysis and the Global Reporting Initiative.

Hugo has played a role in spurring the Coconut Carbon Industry and its derivatives. He also consulted to Ashoka, Kimberly Clark and Rioverde (an NGO working with more than 400 women) on their Social Marketing strategies. He is fluent in Spanish, English and French.


Camille specializes in international market research and agricultural value chain development. She has conducted field research in Senegal, has worked closely in rural communities of Chiapas, Mexico, and has researched business models that generate positive social impact in Latin America. Camille co-founded Sustentavia with Aruajo.

Camille holds a master´s degree in Euro-Asian Business and International Management from ESCP-EAP. She also has a BA cum laude in Communication & Marketing. Her native language is French, and she is fluent in Spanish and English.


Karina Kloos (Consultant)

Karina contributes to the efforts of those bridging social science research with social justice efforts. As a PhD student at Stanford University, she utilizes quantitative and qualitative methods to study social movement organizations, political mobilization of ethnic minorities, and nonprofit/NGO evaluation. Her research is informed by experience in nonprofit consulting, the start-up of a nonprofit evaluation platform, and work with NGOs in the United States, south and Southeast Asia, southern Africa, and the Middle East. Further, her knowledge builds from her educational background in international business (BA, University of Notre Dame) and international relations (MA, AGSIRD, Paris).


Karina currently serves on the program evaluation committee of an educational organization in rural Cambodia, PEPY, which continues to inspire and inform her ongoing inquiry into more effective processes of empowerment and opportunity around the world.







EcoShift Consulting

EcoShift helps organizations understand and reduce environmental impact, lower costs, manage regulatory risk, and enhance their brand. EcoShift does the technical planning that enables strategic decision-making to reduce climate impact and increase sustainability. Core services include GHG Inventories, Carbon Reduction Strategies, Life Cycle Analysis, and Energy Assessments. EcoShift consultants also engage in climate policy and program design, as well as provide advising to public and private organizations on greenhouse gas reduction policies.



Environmental Capital Group

ECG advises large institutional investors on how to address environmental challenges while creating substantial shareholder value by investing in clean energy and technologies. From 2008-2010 ECG measured the net environmental benefits of some $9 billion in private equity assets, the largest such undertaking known to SVT, demonstrating that the environmental impacts of privately-held companies can be measured at a massive scale, both economically and credibly through a peer-reviewed process. The firm also facilitates and brokers public-private partnerships, such as The P8 and the Asia Pacific Partnership, to catalyze investments in low-carbon technologies.


Social Enterprise Associates

SEA is a consulting firm offering business acumen, managerial experience, financing opportunities, and practical research to business and community efforts seeking social good. We foster ‘triple bottom line’ solutions supporting entrepreneurs, their organizations, and industries where they operate.


Veebit Labs

All too often corporations don’t know what motivates their employees, or financial advisors feel stumped about what their clients value most; Veebit specializes in quantitative and qualitative evaluation tools to measure the attitudes and behaviors of individuals and communities, and build communication exercises that generate ongoing engagement. The result is a vibrant organizational culture or relationship that gives employees and customers a voice, and provides management and advisors with invaluable market intelligence.

The Veebit Value ProfilingTM service is applied to research involving both internal and external stakeholders and can inform a wide array of projects, from employee training and engagement exercises, to targeted marketing strategies and sales campaigns, to consensus building around CSR initiatives and investment portfolio policy statements.







Brett Galimidi (Partner Emeritus and Advisor)

Brett specializes in using information technology, entrepreneurship and innovation to solve environmental and social problems. With the understanding that people and the environment cannot be separated, Brett has led numerous groundbreaking projects in conservation and sustainable business that recognize that people and the environment cannot be separated.

Brett is the co-author of Social Return on Investment: a Guide to SROI Analysis (Lenthe Publishers, 2006), co-author of the Social Edge blog SVT on Impact (produced by the Skoll Foundation) and author of several research papers on development- and environment-related topics. He holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Management from Yale University and a BS in Anthropology from UCLA.



Bryan Martel (Advisor: Environmental Investment Strategy and Technology)

Bryan is the Founder and Managing Director of Environmental Capital Group, which works with institutional investors and others to deploy significant investments into environmentally sustainable opportunities. ECG measures and reports on the net environmental impact and performance of approximately 200 companies in 24 top cleantech funds initially valued at nearly $9 billion.

Before ECG, he was the Founder and CEO of Mobius Technologies, a material science/clean-technology company. At Mobius, Bryan led the development and commercialization of a world scale recycling process with operations in the US, Europe, and Asia. Prior to Mobius, Bryan worked at The Dow Chemical Company and Bechtel. He received engineering degrees from Berkeley and is a registered Professional Mechanical Engineer in the State of California.


Bill Davis (Advisor: Information Systems and Business Intelligence)

Bill is the CEO of the GATE. He has earned the “Go-To” label by CFOs and CIOs in organizations that are facing tough decisions, tight budgets and deadlines that have an option or goal to leverage technology. He specializes in business intelligence in the financial services, banking and consulting industries, including major projects with IBM and American Express.

Bill studied Cognitive Science at Cornell University and has extensive experience providing merger and acquisition due diligence, performance management analysis, and other business intelligence services. He brings extensive experience to ensure projects adhere to strict disciplines within the relevant life cycles for minimizing risks and guaranteeing success.



Pin Kwok (Advisor: Corporate/Social Venture Partnerships, Southeast Asia)

Pin specializes in visioning and development of long‐term strategic partnerships between social entrepreneurs and corporations. She and Stefan Jacob co-founded the BOP Hub based in Singapore with Jack Sim of the World Toilet Organization. Prior to devoting her career to the social impact space she held various roles in Citigroup – strategic planning, business development, process optimization, and organizational consulting.

Pin received her MBA from UC Berkeley, where she co‐chaired the Global Social Venture Competition. She holds a B.S. magna cum laude from New York University, is fluent in Mandarin and speaks basic French.



Kirsten Gagnaire (Advisor: Social Enterprise Business Models, mHealth, Ghana)

Kirsten is a pioneer in the social enterprise field with more than 15 years of experience in global concept-to-execution program management, specifically in multi-stakeholder public health and child welfare. She has worked with Ashoka, Grameen, KPMG and numerous others, and founded Social Enterprise Group, where she partnered with Gifford Pinchot III and Bainbridge Graduate Institute to develop Sustayne®, a social venture development methodology, and roll it out nationwide. She is a champion of the mHealth field, and possesses exceptional ability to communicate cross-culturally, manage diverse staff, create commonality between stakeholders, and adapt respectfully to social customs and norms.

Kirsten studied business administration at Seattle University, and has conversational command of French, Russian, and Bambara.



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