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Our impact reports

Simply put, measuring our own impact makes us better at what we do. Each year, as we undergo the same process we support our clients to adopt, we become more attuned to your needs, and develop ways to refine and strengthen our impact management model. With you, we grow our impact.

Learn how SVT Group measures our impact:

Integrated Report (2017-2018)

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15th Anniversary Integrated Report (2016)

Impact Report (2012)

Impact Report (2013)

We're a certified B Corporation

We've been a certified B Corporation since 2008 and strive to meet the highest standards of accountability to the environment, our customers, and the community. In 2013, 2016, 2017, and 2018 we scored in the top 10% of B Corporations worldwide, earning us the distinction of B Corp "Best for the World - Community," "Best for the World - Customers,” and "Best for Governance." We also achieved the “Best for the World - Changemakers” in 2019 for scoring high consistently and with improvement over time.

B corp re-certifies its members every 2-3 years. You can check out all of our B corp reports since we became a B Corp below.

2015 B Impact Report

2018 B Impact Report

2011 B Impact Report

2012 B Impact Report

2008 B Impact Report

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