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Whether you are just beginning to get your arms around your approach to managing impact, you are refining your impact management system, or you’re fundamentally overhauling the way you do business toward an operating model that generates value for your shareholders, people, and the planet, we can help in one or all of the following categories.

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Our Approach

we begin with Discovery.  

What are the biggest problems facing your organization? What is your intended impact? What systemic factors contribute to the issues you are facing? What scope of analysis does it makes sense to start with? Who are the key audiences for impact information, and what kinds of decisions will the results inform? Here we discover what it is you need to know and what that will help you accomplish.

Next comes Measurement.

If you are measuring the wrong thing, you cannot succeed. Using our impact management toolkit, we determine the material, practical indicators you should use, and design the best approach to obtain the information you need.


Here, we teach you to how use your impact data regularly to improve your performance and drive value back into your organization. We have learned from and with the very best. Let us learn with you, and help us teach others how to change the world.

Finally, Messaging is key.

We help you communicate your values to key stakeholders in ways that build the root stock of value creation: relationships.

This generates both bottom-line value for your business, and ever-greater positive impact.

Our Work

SVT - Advisory. Industry standards, Best practices, Expert Coaching. Impact Management

SVT Advisory

Impact Management consulting for values-driven investors, businesses, nonprofits, and public sector organizations driving social and environmental change.

SVT - Theory of Change, Scenario planning, Microfinance. Impact Management

SVT Academy

Impact management and analysis education for students, executives, 
impact investors and social entrepreneurs, with a special emphasis on emerging markets entrepreneurs.

SVT - Roadmap, Impact Measurement, Impact Management

svt lab

Field-building applied research and development of cutting edge tools, technologies and platforms to drive the spread and adoption of impact management procedures worldwide.