SVT Group Workshop to Explore Scaling Up Impact Management at Largest Gathering of Impact Investors in Latin America

February 21, 2018: Silicon Valley CA


A workshop to explore how impact management can grow "from proof to scale" will be among the sessions at this year's Latin American Impact Investing Forum (FLII) in Mérida, Mexico. Sara Olsen and Aislinn Betancourt of SVT Group and Amanda Feldman of the Impact Management Project will facilitate the February 28th session.


Impact Management: from Proof to Scale will give an overview of the current state of impact management practice among impact investors drawing from the conventions that emerged in 2017 from the Impact Management Project, ensure participants understand the "five dimensions of impact," and share avenues for engagement in the ongoing dialogue about improving and spreading adoption of impact management practice. Workshop attendees will work through some of the great debates around impact management and discuss a roadmap for their future impact management plans.

In its eighth year, FLII, organized by New Ventures, has positioned itself as "the largest gathering of the region seeking to strengthen the social entrepreneurship and impact investment ecosystem." The forum facilitates dialogue between the main players of different sectors across the region, including social and environmental enterprises, corporations, investment funds, business media, foundations, NGOs, and business schools, among others. In order to strengthen the ecosystem of support and finance for social and environmental entrepreneurs, the forum includes speeches, expert interviews, workshops, and panel discussions where the exchange of experience and knowledge between presenters and attendees fosters strategic partnerships and joint ventures. The 2018 event will be held Tuesday, February 27th through Thursday, March 1st.
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SVT Group is “your outsourced Chief Impact Officer,” a social and environmental impact management firm for organizations with a bold vision and a business metabolism. SVT provides advisory services and training, and has trained some 9000 individuals in person in impact management skills since 2001. Our clients have ranged from CalPERS to the Rockefeller Foundation and Yo Yo Ma.

SVT believes that when people have the information, tools and skills to account for social, environmental and financial value, they will compete to ensure an equitable future for everyone - and ultimately make it pay to do good. 

SVT’s Founder and CEO, Sara Olsen, is a pioneer in the social capital markets and has been recognized twice as one of America’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs by Bloomberg Businessweek for her work defining the impact management discipline. She is also a founding board member of Social Value United States. [If you put me here you should put yourself and Amanda too- I suggest deleting this paragraph for simplicity this time since we'd have to get Amanda's review of her bio]

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The Impact Management Project is the voice of over 700 practitioners from across geographies and disciplines, publicly sharing consensus on how we talk about, measure and manage impact and bridging the perspectives of investment, grantmaking, business, non-profits, social science, evaluation, wealth management, policy, standards bodies and accounting (among others). In 2018, their objective is to make the practice of impact management as easy-to-understand and accessible as possible, moving from conceptual agreement to practical application. 

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New Ventures is the leading platform catalyzing social and environmental entrepreneurs and strengthening the ecosystem that supports them through financing, acceleration, and promotion.

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