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Impact Analysis Training

June 13: Boston, MA  

How do you know if the impact others report is real? How is it possible to compare the impact of two potential direct investments? This one-day training provides you with a framework for how to answer those and other questions and practice applying it.

The Impact Analysis Framework underpinning the training is the product of more than two years of development by international members of Social Value International, and built upon decades of practice in the accounting, business management, CSR, economics, and evaluation worlds. Participants will learn the primary definitions of "impact," what the Impact Management Project's five dimensions of impact are, how various well-known impact measurement and reporting standards such as B Corp, GRI, IRIS, SASB, SROI and others relate, and what you need to know to "see" impact through reporting.
The course is a prerequisite for the SVI Certificate in Impact Analysis.

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