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Impact Management Skills Training

December 12: San Francisco, CA

January 30: Boston, MA   

How do you know if the impact others report is real? How is it possible to compare the impact of two potential projects or direct investments? 

The Impact Management Skills Training is intended for those who seek to enhance their ability to generate positive outcomes for people and systems. Participants will improve their ability to get and use insights from their work to maximize positive impact.

During the one-day training we will present frameworks and examples, then work through their application using real field experience, participant-driven exercises, and case studies of relevance to participants. 

Participants will benefit both from international third party standards relevant to impact management, and from the trainers’ world-class, hands-on experience.

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Sustainability Leadership Program

Third Thursday of the month from March through October:

Ft. Collins, CO

In collaboration with the Sustainable Living Alliance, we are now accepting applications for the 2019 Sustainability Leadership Program.

Today more than ever, society needs committed and creative leaders to promote a world in which economic development can be attained for the benefit of all while conserving the planet’s natural capital and improving people’s living conditions.  

Our mission is to develop leaders who will address our present challenges and opportunities so that future generations can enjoy better options than those available today.

This program is designed to provide fertile ground for emerging leaders in the community that are passionate about sustainability. Participants will learn how to implement innovative solutions to achieve social, economic and ecological well-being while developing strong professional relationships with local change-makers.

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